Corporate Ventures

We help our most entrepreneurial clients and global brands build the value of their assets by improving existing businesses and creating new ones.

Mikakus is a training shoe brand with a highly avant-garde design
that combines the brand experience of our team with the media
reach of Andrés Iniesta.

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My Idol Brand is the brand of your idols.
An extension of theirs that brings you closer
and allows you to dress like them. 
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Venture Capital

We invest in companies that generate synergies by offering essential solutions that impact our turnover and value proposition for our clients.

Luxury trips with the best sports experiences.

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Digital publication with all the information of the
Sports Business sector that brings together the largest
community of professionals in the sports industry.

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Quality fast food service from Masterchef 7 winning chef Aleix Puig. The latest in Dark Kitchen.

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LEADER responds to the commercial needs of B2B companies
through B2B companies through actions aimed at generating
generate new demand or increase existing demand.

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